Singing Telegrams

Ruth Getz

Singing Telegrams

How about a unique musical gift for a loved one. Send a Singing Telegram from Ruth with your choice of song, a personal message and plenty of vintage va-va-voom! 

Phone: 07956 661422


A few kind words.....

"I bought a singing telegram for my parents during the lockdown as I couldn’t celebrate VE day with them.

The song I chose was " we'll meet again”. I asked my parents to sit down with a cup of tea and open the link.
Both my parents who are 75 cried, as they said it was one of the loveliest things that anyone had ever gifted them.

The sentiment and the way Ruth communicated the message to them, was so heartwarming that they really felt touched.
I’ll be asking Ruth to do future telegrams as such a gift is so personal and means so much more than flowers.”
Louise Norman

“Absolutely fantastic! You nailed it Ruth. Thank you.”
Tracey Frankish

“Thank you so much. I am overwhelmed. A most amazing birthday present, so wonderfully sung by Ruth”
Patrick Campbell

“An enormous success! Such a a great and novel way to surprise a loved one!”
Vivian Azzopardi

“Ruth is charming and the Singing Telegram was delightful”
Sally Hurr

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